Product Description:

Cinn-A-Quick is a specially processed, ready to use filling mix for water-based fillings. The bakery simply needs to add water to the mix to prepare the filling. Cinn-A-Quick is also available with No Added Trans-Fat and NON-GMO formulations.


Cinn-A-Quick mixes provide a simple, inexpensive system for producing flavorful fillings for many bakery applications. They are less expensive to use than oil-based fillings, and when used in combination with a lowfat dough formulation, allows the baker to produce low, or reduced fat cinnamon rolls or other sweet goods.


#201 Cinnamon
#203 Sugarless Cinnamon
#204 Blueberry
#205 Strawberry
#206 Banana
#207 Coconut


Customized Products:

Flavors, colors, and textures can be natural or artificial and can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Kosher Status: