Flav-R-Bites® II Coated

Product Description:

Flav-R-Bites II

Flav-R-Bites II are specially developed and processed to provide concentrated color and/or flavor on the surface of a Flav-R-Bite. This patent pending product allows the quick release of the coating to color the principle product during manufacturing or during consumer use, to produce a unique swirling, marbling, streaking, development of color, or changing of color.

There are many creative applications for these products including the creation of a swirl in breads or bagels, color streaks in cakes, nougats, or icings, or added color streaking surrounding fruit inclusions, and many more fun, creative, interactive product ideas. These products are also available with No Added Trans-Fat and NON-GMO formulations.


Flav-R-Bites II can be mixed directly into a dough, batter, ice cream, icing, yogurt or other food product. Generally, these inclusions are added as late into the process as possible to avoid over mixing the color into the product. The development of a repeatable product incorporation of these Bites should be done with care. The color, flavor, size, and textural qualities can be altered through formulation to provide a product to fit the specific application and taste of the customer.

Standard Flavors

#7005 Blueberry
#7010 Cinnamon
#7011 Apple


Customized Products:

Flavors, colors, sizes and textures can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Size and Shape

Size DesignationDiameterLength
1/4"0.250" to 0.350" 0.125" to 0.275"
#4 0.200" to 0.250" 0.115" to 0.250"
#6 0.175" to 0.215"0.100" to 0.185"
#8 0.125" to 0.175"0.060" to 0.160"
#12 0.075" to 0.100"0.040" to 0.125"

Kosher Status: