Product Description


Flav-R-Bursts are specially formulated and processed to add a high level of flavor, color, texture, and piece identity to your product. Flav-R-Bursts are processed using patented extrusion technology, which enables the piece to provide strong product identity, even when exposed to the combined effects of sustained heat and moisture found in baking applications.

Flav-R-Bursts are suitable for bakery applications with a lower exposure to heat and moisture. These products are also available with No Added Trans-Fat and NON-GMO formulations.



Flav-R-Bursts are physically firm with relatively low moisture for good shelf life and storage until used. The product can be mixed directly into a dough or batter and baked in normal fashion. The baking process hydrates the product, transforming it into a soft, attractive inclusion. The color, flavor, size, and textural qualities can be altered through formulation to provide a product to fit the specific application and taste of the customer.

Flav-R-Bursts Standard Flavors

#6005 Blueberry
#6010 Cinnamon
#6014 Orange
#6020 Strawberry
#6030 Chocolate
#6050 Apple
#6060 Cherry
#6070 Raspberry
#6080 Cranberry


Customized Products:

Flavors and colors in natural or artificial form, sizes and textures can be adjusted to fit your individual needs.

Size and Shape

Size DesignationDiameterLength
1/4"0.250" to 0.350" 0.125" to 0.275"
#4 0.200" to 0.250" 0.115" to 0.250"
#6 0.175" to 0.215"0.100" to 0.185"
#8 0.125" to 0.175"0.060" to 0.160"
#12 0.075" to 0.100"0.040" to 0.125"

Kosher Status: