Flav-R-Swirl® & Swirl-Maker®


Product Description


Flav-R-Swirl is a high-quality, pre-blended mix formulated to be used with the CII Swirl-Maker machine to create a swirl effect in bread products. These swirl mixes are formulated to produce a swirl rich in color and flavor while maintaining bread loaf integrity. These products are also available with No Added Trans-Fat and NON-GMO formulations.


The patented Swirl-Maker is designed to fit your existing equipment; to apply the swirl mix uniformly; and to roll-out the dough piece without the additional handwork common to swirl bread production. Speed, consistency and fast changeover for different breads/ flavors on a small footprint make the SwirlMaker the ideal addition to any production facility, large or small.

Used in conjunction with our proprietary Swirl-Maker application system, any customer can start with a sheeted dough and create a molded loaf with a perfect flavored swirl. Use custom formulated Flav-R-Swirl blends to develop a unique line of breakfast breads.

Swirl-Maker Machine


Our high quality, water soluble, dry blend creates a perfect swirl every time.

Standard Flavors

  • Cinnamon #215
  • Blueberry #216
  • Strawberry #217
  • Orange #218
  • Chocolate #219
  • Apple #221
  • Almond #222
  • Maple #223
  • Banana #224
  • Cheese #225
  • Cranberry #226

Customized Products:

Flavors and colors, either natural or artificial, can be adjusted to fit your individual needs. Available in No Added Trans-Fat and Non-GMO formulations.

Kosher Status: Kosher/Parve