Nutri-Bites® Whole Grain & Soy

Product Description

Nutri-Bites Whole Grain

A new line of extruded soy-based products follows the successful launch of the Nutri-Bites Whole Grain Balls.

Nutri-Bites Soy Crisps and Soy Balls are available in a variety of protein content and sizes. Protein content of the Soy Crisps is available in ranges from 25-80 percent and Soy Balls will be offered from 25-60 percent. The products can vary in shape, based on customer preference.


Nutri-Bites Soy Protein Crisps and Balls can be used in the following applications:

  • Nutritional and Cereal Bars
  • Panning center for coated snacks or eaten as is…as a snack
  • Snack Mix Inclusions
  • Healthy Crunch topping or tack-on for coated snacks, bars and pretzels


Nutri-Bites Soy

Nutri-Bites can be customized by size, protein content, color, texture and density. They are also available as GMO and Non GMO.

Kosher Status:

Kosher/Parve Certified