Product Description


Nutri-Snax are delicious, nutritionally dense products that provide a good source of protein, the goodness of whole grain, plus the functionality of fiber.

A crunchy, extruded one ounce serving of the soy-based Nutri-Snax provides 7 grams of soy protein, plus a 4.25 gram combination of 2 essential fibers that help promote health and wellness through increased digestive health.

One ounce of the soy-based Nutri-Snax provides enough protein and fiber to make a good protein and fiber claim. A one-ounce serving of the whole grain-based Nutri-Snax has 5.3 grams of the two fibers.

The combination of a soluble prebiotic fiber and an insoluble fiber has been clinically proven to increase growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Nutri-Snax also aids in calcium absorption and promotes laxation.




  • A one ounce, 100 calorie single serving of Nutri-Snax provides serious nutrition for active adults or a school lunch snack.
  • A healthy alternative to fast-digesting, high-carbohydrate snacks.
  • As a cereal inclusion.
  • For nutritional and cereal bars.


Nutri-Snax can be customized by size, texture, density, protein, whole grain and fiber content. They are currently available in GMO form.

Kosher Status:

Kosher/Parve Certified