The Product Line

Cereal Ingredients, Inc. is dedicated to the pursuit, development, manufacturing, and support of unique, high-quality products that make a difference to their clients. CII enjoys the special role of helping customers make new products and innovations a reality.

The majority of the products we sell are specially formulated to fit individual customers needs.

What Can CII Do for You?

Product Series 200: Preblended, functional bakery mixes.

Cinn-A-Quick® is a preblended convenience mix for cinnamon and other flavored rolls plus other sweet goods.

Flav-R-Swirl® is a family of specially formulated preblended mixes specifically made to apply a flavored swirl in breakfast and other breads. Flav-R-Swirl is ideal for use with the patented SwirlMaker application system.

Product Series 1000: Flav-R-Bites®, Custom Series — These products are custom Flav-R-Bites, formulated for specific client needs and produced using our patented cold extrusion technology. These products have been individually developed to meet the exacting flavor, color, texture and application requirements of specific bakery and food manufacturing customers. Custom products are available in natural or artificial colors and flavors, in No Added Trans-Fat, non GMO, and “No Sugar Added”, “Low Carb” formulations.

Product Series 3000: Flav-R-Bites, Soft and Chewy — These products provide a soft texture in a finished product to simulate natural dried fruit pieces, confectionery, or savory products. These inclusions do not require baking and can be specifically formulated to complement the client’s finished product, adding a richer taste profile with a more moist eating sensation.

Product Series 4000: Flav-R-Bites, Streusels, Crunch Toppings, and Inclusions — These products are produced with patented technology, and are specially formulated to serve as a topping on bakery or dairy products or as an inclusionary piece in granola bars, nutritional bars or trail mixes. They can be specifically formulated to produce just the right flavor profile and texture to meet the client’s needs.

Product Series 5000: Flav-R-Bites, Standard Series. These products have been developed to satisfy the needs of most bakery manufacturers. They are produced with our proprietary technology to deliver an intense flavor profile and realistic color while maintaining excellent piece identity.

Product Series 6000: Flav-R-Burst™ Products. These products have been developed to provide a higher level of flavor and a softer after-bake texture in finished products. This product line is ideal for lower moisture bakery products such as pancakes, waffles and cookies.

Product Series 7000: Flav-R-Bites II, Color Coated. With a patent pending, these products are specially color and/or flavor coated in a process that allows the quick release of the coating to color the principle product during manufacturing or during consumer use in order to produce a unique swirling, marbling, or streaking effect, or for the development of color, or changing of color. There are many creative applications for these products including the creation of a swirl in breads or bagels, color streaks in cakes, nougats, or icings, or added color streaking surrounding fruit inclusions, and many more fun, creative, interactive ideas.

Nutri-Bites® Whole Grain Balls. Whole grain Nutri-Bites are made from a variety of multigrain flours and are available in three popular sizes. These products contain only natural ingredients.

Nutri-Bites Whole Grain balls can be used in the following applications:

  • Cereal inclusions
  • Granola
  • Centers for coated snacks or eaten as a snack
  • Nutritional and Cereal Bars
  • Healthy Crunch topping or tack-ons for coated snacks, bars, and pretzels

Nutri-Bites Soy Crisps and Balls

Nutri-Bites Soy Crisps and Soy Balls are available in a variety of protein content and sizes. Protein content of the Soy Crisps is available in ranges from 25-80%, and Soy Balls will be offered from 25-60%.

Nutri-Bites Soy-Protein Crisps and Balls can be used in the following applications:

  • Nutritional and Cereal Bars
  • Cereals
  • Panning center for coated snacks or eaten as is…as a snack
  • Snack Mix Inclusions
  • Healthy Crunch topping or tack-ons for coated snacks, bars, and pretzels

Toppings. Cereal Ingredients toppings have exceptional appearance and are the perfect way to add value:

  • Confections, specially formulated to add color or flavor
  • Crunches, add color, flavor and/or texture

No Added Trans-Fat. Cereal Ingredients’ products are available with No Added Trans-Fat.

NON-GMO. All Cereal Ingredients’ products exported from the United States are certified to be NON-GMO.

No Sugar Added. We label our “sugar free” products No Sugar Added. There is some small amount of sugar in many ingredients so there ends up being some sugar in our “no sugar added” products (generally less than 0.5%). It could be misleading to say they are sugar free. There are U.S. guidelines for consumer products that do allow for some small amount of naturally occurring sugar to be present in a finished product from sources other than sugars or fruit and to be called sugar free. We, of course, leave that labeling up to our customers.

Lo Net Carbs. The “low carbohydrate” products are labeled as Lo Net Carbs. The industry, not the FDA, has determined that the carbohydrates “Atkins” dieters need to be concerned about are not carbohydrates from dietary fiber or sugar alcohols (maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol, etc.). So, the industry, not sanctioned by the FDA, came up with the Lo Net Carb labeling. Our Lo Net Carb products have about 20% net carbs and about 75% to 85% actual carbohydrates. Net carbohydrates = total carbohydrates minus carbohydrates from dietary fiber and sugar alcohols.

Let’s work together to create something special just for your business.