Toppings & Crunches

Product Description

Topping and crunches

Crunches are flavored and/or colored cylindrical or custom ground and blended products processed to add color, flavor or texture to a variety of food product applications.

Kosher/Parve: Certified.
Packaging: Multi-wall, polylined 50 Lb.



Flav-R-Bites Toppings

  • Bar Coating


  • Crunches


  • Color Blends

  • Natural or Artificial


  • No Sugar Added


  • Color Only
Flav-R-Bites: Ice Cream Inclusions

  • Standard Flavors


  • Custom Flavors and Textures


  • Color Blends
ProductsPack Size
3-Color Blend 50 Lb Bag
5-Color Blend50 Lb Bag
5-Color Pastel Blend50 Lb Bag
6-Color Blend50 Lb Bag
Almond Crunch50 Lb Bag
Blueberry Topping Blend50 Lb Bag
Butter Vanilla Crunch50 Lb Bag
Cinnamon Graham Crunch50 Lb Bag
Coffee Cake Crunch50 Lb Bag
Dark Chocolate Cookie50 Lb Bag
Peanut Crunch (note: artificial flavor, not an allergen concern)50 Lb Bag
Rainbow Pastry Crunch Blend50 Lb Bag
Toasted Coconut Crunch Blend50 Lb Bag
Vanilla Cookie Crunch50 Lb Bag

Topping types