We are the Premier Inclusion Supplier and we pride ourselves in “Making your food look and taste better.”

Latest Innovations

Our latest innovation are inclusions for Ice Cream. Whether you are looking for the hottest new flavor or a tried and true traditional flavor for your ice cream novelty, we have what you seek. Our inclusions are shelf stable and do not require refrigerated shipping and storage like most ice cream inclusions. Below is a list of items that we can ship out to you quickly.

Toasted Coconut Gluten Free Flav-R-Bite Broken Shred: This adds the flavor and appearance of coconut without the usual texture and allergen labeling that comes with coconut. 

Graham Gluten Free Flav-R-Bite: Great graham flavor without the gluten allergen.

Chocolate Gluten Free Flav-R-Bite: Nice burst of chocolate flavor without the waxy texture of compound chocolate chips.

Gingerbread Flav-R-Bite: Adds a nice fall spice flavor to any ice cream.

Banana Flav-R-Bite: Great ripe banana flavor without the icy texture and acidic flavor of banana purees or iqf bananas.

Key Lime Flav-R-Bite: Amazing citrus flavor from the Florida Keys in a size that works in a novelty or hard pack ice cream.

Caramel Flav-R-Bite: A flavor that takes you back to the time your grandfather shared his caramel candy with you.

Toasted Marshmallow Flav-R-Bite:  Sure to add that campfire roasted flavor to ice cream or novelties.

Dark Chocolate Flav-R-Bite: Adds a nice dark chocolate cookie taste and texture to any ice cream.